Thursday, September 10, 2009

Setting the Scene

Here are the mechanics. Basically, players take turns requesting scenes. When it is your turn, you must provide the followng infor for the scene to start:
1) What kind of scene is it?
a) Exploration - The purpose of the scene is to explain the relationship between character(s) and the rest of the setting.
Exposition -The purpose of this scene is to understand the characters' thoughts, motivations and relationships better.
c) Manifest - The purpose of the scene is to explain how a character got a new vampire Power (and weakness). At the end of the scene, apply a +1 Corruption/-1 Purity (never above +3 Corruption/-3 Purity).
d) Research - The character is developing a ritual or Invention.
e) Planning - The character(s) have an objective and this scene is supposed to show how the character(s) are preparing to accomplish this objective.
f) Confrontation - The character(s) have identified the Antagonist and are meeting them face-to-face.
2) Where is the next scene set?
3) When is the next scene set?
4) What their character is trying to accomplish (just an overview, the details will emerge during the scene)?

What has me tripped up is this 4th bit. I used to have it phrased, "Why is their character there?" But, I got very practical answers (e.g., I just walked through the door). What I want to do is find a balance between, the character's overall objective in the scene and not pre-narrating the scene and taking the steam out of it...

Any suggestions?

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