Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[AP] Newer Playtest

Dan and Jon helped me playtest this time, we used the 14-day version of the rules.
I did not get a good test of the Antagonist campaign setting mechanics. Both of my playtesters made characters before the session.

I had planned on usign another Antagonist, but Jon wasn't feeling him, so I fell back to the Baron from the previous playtest. This proved a bit of a mistake.

So, I forgot to mention about half of the prequel info about teh Baron, how close he was to the characters' friends and family and a few other things.

The freeform part went awful. I am in the process of fixing that now.

Dan did manifest vampire powers and I got to use a weakness. It worked as I expected and it was really fun. I think that there is an odd tension around narrating in the weaknesses. Maybe there needs to be a code or something to identify which are controllable by the player, their opposition or the mechanics (like the character is defeated, etc.). But, it is still close to how I wanted it to work.

After everyone got a scene, I stopped play and we talked about the mechanics. the general feeling was that the Conflict rules were fun and not tedious, and breaking them out 3 or mkore times a session would be more fun than the freeform rules I had been using.

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