Saturday, September 26, 2009

Notable people

So, I had a list of 290 possibles, I narrowed it down to 87 (hooray for me).
The problem I have is Quantity vs. Quality and the Faction Mapping.

So it breaks down into 4 possibilities:
1) Keep the quantity, do not map each person to a faction.
2) Keep the quantity, map each person to a faction.
3) Cut the quantity and describe each in further detail, do not map each person to a faction.
4) Cut the quantity and describe each in further detail, map each person to a faction.

What would you suggest?

Notable people
A. Frank Glahn - German Dowser. Frank is an Arcane Scholar, Published Author and Sorcerer.
Adriano Colocci - Italian-born Romani scholar and activist. He travels the countryside tries to document the conditions that the Rom are experiencing.
Aleister Crowley - English practitioner of the dark arts. Aleister gains notoriety through controversy.
Alexander Graham Bell - Scottish-born Inventor in America. He is brilliant, creative and competitive.
Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Romanian Domnitor. He formed the first united Repulic of Wallachia and Moldavia. He was always deeply entrenched in politics throughout his whole life.
Alexis-Vincent-Charles Berbiguier de Terre-Neuve du Thym - French Demonologist and author. He writes extensively about the mystic arts he has mastered.
Alfred Nobel - Swedish Inventor and Industrialist. Alfred is currently selling arms under the Bofors trademark while he continues his inventing in his workshop.
Antonio Meucci - Italian Inventor, he is currently working on inventing the telephone.
Anyos Jedlik - Hungarian physicist, engineer and priest. He is currently working on inventing the dynamo.
Arthur Thesleff - Finnish-born Romani noble, scholar and activist. Arthur is currently scouring the Finnish countryside documenting the current conditions of all Gypsies.
August Strindberg - Swedish author and Alchemist. August is struggling to combine Magic and Science in an art known as Alchemy. He hopes to understand the nature of the universe.
Augusta Ada-King - English Scholar. Ada is writing programs for Babbage's Analytical Engine while working to advance the field of mathematics.
Catherine Labouré - French Visionary and nun. She is famed for her acts of healing and mercy.
Charles Babbage - English Inventor of the computer. He is working to aid the railways, signal corpse and of course mathematics with his inventions.
Charles Joseph - Austrian-born Romani Scholar.
Cornelius Smith - Britain-born, Romani, Christian evangelist. After Cornelius heard the good word, he spread to all who would listen in England and America.
Daniel Zion - Bulgarian Rabbi and cabalist.
David Livingstone - Scottish Explorer and medical missionary.
David McRitchie - Founder of the Gypsy Lore society, Scholar.
Deguchi Nao - Japanese mystic, martial arts master and founder of the Foundation School of the Shinto religion.
Dmitri Mendeleev - Russian Inventor, physicist and chemist. He created the periodic table of elements.
Elenor Smith - English noble, author and activist.
Eliphas Lévi - French magician and mystical author.
Ernst Mach - Austrian physicist, philosopher and psychologist.
Ezekiel Smith - English evangelist for the Church of England.
Fátimih Baraghání (Táhirih) - Persian mystic and religious leader.
Ferdinand von Zeppelin - German noble, inventor and industrialist.
Florence Nightengale - English medical missionary, politician and scholar.
François-Alphonse Forel - Swiss scientist and scholar of the science of lakes.
Franz Polgar - Hungarian mystic and hypnotist.
Frederick Henry Hedge - American minister, mystic and Transcendentalist.
George Hall - Non-Romani activist
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff - Armenian Sufi mystic and spiritual leader.
George Smith - English persecutor
Gérard Encausse - Spanish physician, hypnotist and mystic.
Gina Ranjicic - Serbian Romani Singer.
Gregor Mendel - Czech priest, scientist and geneticist.
Grigori Rasputin - Russian mystic and adviser to Russian nobility.
Gustave Eiffel - French engineer, entrepreneur and metallurgist.
Harry Blackstone - American magician and pioneer in arcane lore.
Hazrat Inayat Khan - Indian noble and Sufi mystic.
Heinrich Grellman - Pioneer and the original Gypsy scholar. He was the first man to document any details about Gypsy society.
Henrich Wlislocki - Transylvanian scholar
Hong Xiuquan - Chinese teacher, mystic, visionary and iconoclast.
Huo Yuanjia - Chinese mystic and martial artist.
Illia Naumchev - Macedonian Activist.
Imam Shamil - Russian political leader, religious leader and Sufi mystic.
Jack "Scamp" Gilderoy - English-born "King of the Gypsies."
Jaja Sattler - German-born Romani priest and scholar.
James Crabb - Scottish missionary to Gypsies.
James Prescott Joule - British brewer and physicist.
Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata - Indian industrialist and engineer.
Jean Hugard - Australian author and magician.
Johan Taikon - Swedish-born Rom.
John Bosco - Italian priest and teacher.
John Henry Anderson - Scottish magician and philanthropist.
John Lloyd Stephens - American explorer, writer and diplomat.
Jožef Stefan - Slovenian physicist, mathemetician and poet.
Julius and Agnes Zancig - Danish magicians, mentalists and occultists.
Lakshmi Bai - Indian noble and rebel leader.
Lawrence Hargrave - Australian engineer, explorer and inventor.
Leon Mandrake - Canadian magician, conjurer and mentalist.
Lewis Howard Latimer - African-American draftsman and inventor.
Marcus Garvey - Jamaican Political Leader
Marie Laveau - American voodoo mystic and adviser.
Max Théon - Polish-born Cabalist, sorcerer and spiritual leader.
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad - India-born Muslim mystic and spiritual leader.
Mohan Lal (Zutshi) - Indian explorer, diplomat and author.
Muhammad Abduh - Egyptian mystic, scholar and lawyer.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Pakistani politician and soldier.
Nicolae Bălcescu - Wallachian journalist, historian, soldier and revolutionary.
Nikola Tesla - Serbian engineer, mathematician and inventor, he is mastering AC power and promoting it to anyone who will listen.
Nikolai Przhevalsky - Russian-born noble, explorer and geographer.
Osborne Reynolds - Irish engineer, scientist and inventor.
Patricio Hearn - Greek-born journalist, author and scholar.
Paul Kruger - South African explorer, soldier and Boer leader,
Raphael Ankawa - Moroccan Rabbi, cabalist and community leader.
Rodney Smith - English-born Romani evangelist.
Shlomo Elyashiv - Lithuanian Rabbi and cabalist.
Shoghi Effendi - Persian mystic and spiritual leader of the Bahai faith.
Solomon Eliezer Alfandari - Turkish Rabbi, scholar and cabalist.
Thomas Alva Edison - American Inventor, he is engaged in the "War of the Currents" at this point in time.
Umar Tall - Senegalese politician and Sufi mystic.
Wang Yuanlu - Chinese Taoist priest, scholar and mystic.
William Butler Yeats - Irish poet and mystic.
Yosef Chaim - Persian Sephardic Rabbi and cabalist.
Zélio Fernandino de Moraes - Brazillian medium, sorcerer and founder of the Umbanda Branca religion.


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