Monday, January 4, 2010

Structure of Play

Structure of Play
Most of these elements don't have any mechanics wrapped around them. But, I think it is important to understand how the game was designed to flow.
  1. Brainstorm topics, ideas and themes that everyone would be interested in.
  2. The group determines who is the Mastermind.
  3. The Mastermind combines those ideas into an Antagonist that they are excited about.
  4. The Mastermind describes the Antagonist and what they are currently doing.
  5. The rest of the players design characters around the themes/activities highlighted by the Antagonist.
  6. The Mastermind should develop Plots around each characters' Goals.
  7. The first Session starts
  8. Each player Selects a Scene
  9. Once the players have all had a turn, the Mastermind sets a scene.
  10. Scenes continue until the Session is over.
  11. Sessions continue until each character is able to complete their Story Arc (they complete or change their Goal).
  12. Story Arcs continue until the Adventure is complete (At least one Story Arc is completed for each character).

The Scene is the smallest unit of play. Players take turns setting Scenes.
The Session is defined as any continuous period of time where the group is playing together.
Next, is the Story Arc. This is the Plot that unfolds when a character attempts to support or refute their Goal. A Story Arc is considered complete when either a Goal is accomplished, or the character changes their Goal.
Finally, there is the Adventure. This is a Series of Story Arcs that proceed until each character has completed at least one Story Arc each.
Does that make sense to you? What do you think?

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